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Personal Philosophy
of Art Education
Although often overlooked, art education plays many roles in schools. Art education programs allow students an outlet for their creativity and provide a place for students to express themselves. Art education promotes authentic learning; assignments can be related to meaningful real-life situations. Art education encourages reflection in students thereby increasing their intrapersonal skills. Art education also exposes students to different cultures and helps students to understand issues that may be seen as controversial.  

There are many different types of learners; I believe that art education can accommodate all these varied learning types. I believe that art can be a vehicle for facilitating students’ growth. I believe that students need to be able to explore subjects that are meaningful to or interest them. I also believe that through art education, students can get a better understanding of their own identities. I believe that students need to be motivated to learn and to succeed. I also believe that schools should provide a nurturing and safe environment for all students.

I believe a well-balanced art education curriculum includes more than just art production. It should encourage students to find their own voices through their artwork. I will encourage artistic development in my students by acting as a resource and a guide. I will give my students the skills and techniques needed to aide them in their unique creative process. I will provide a place where students feel safe from the ridicule of the outside world and are free to discuss the issues that they face.