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My School
The Western Local School District is comprised of Western Elementary and Western High School and is located at 7959 State Route 124 in Latham, Ohio. Western Elementary accommodates approximately 450 students in grades K-6 and employs approximately 70 faculty and staff. Our school day begins at 7:45AM and ends at 3:05PM.  
My Classroom
  My classroom is located at the front of the building near the main office. It is the largest classroom in the building and even contains a 5’ x 9’ walk-in storage closet. There are 3 sinks, an additional 10’ countertop work area, and plenty of storage cabinets. The students are distributed evenly between 5 work tables with 5 to 6 chairs at each table. We even have two large walls that are dedicated solely to displaying artwork.  
My Classes

Each grade level consists of three homerooms, except Kindergarten, which has four.  Each homeroom has art class once a week, and one homeroom from each grade level (K-4) has art class twice a week on a rotating 9 week schedule. Art classes are approximately 30 minutes long for grades K-4 and 45 minutes long for grades 5 and 6. Classes range from 15 to 25 students.

A Heart for Art

I currently teach 27 art classes a week.  Pike County also offers a program for students, who are gifted in the arts, called “A Heart for Art.” The art educators in Pike County select students that they feel have shown certain characteristics that qualify them as being “gifted” in art. Students then submit a portfolio containing 5 to 7 artworks only with an artist statement for each piece. Portfolios are judged by a panel of local artists and art educators. If a student’s portfolio receives a score of 21 or above, they are accepted into the program. Once accepted into the program, students are members until they graduate from high school. Students in the “A Heart for Art” program are taken on one “experiencing” fieldtrip and one “hands-on” fieldtrip per year