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Personal Connections
  Discuss why your big idea and topic are important to you.

My big idea and topic are important to me because I feel like it affects my everyday life and the way that I teach. The changes in social norms from when I was in school to now seem huge. I feel like the discipline problems I experience at work are a result of the change in social norms. Also, I wonder if the change in educational social norms is greatly affecting the way that my students learn. I am concerned that the impact of these changes will affect the way society operates in the future.

I want to focus my topic on the social norms that are present in today’s public education system compared with the norms that were once present in the public education system. I have been thinking about the things that are different where I teach as opposed to where I went to school. The discipline system, the arriving and dismissing procedures, the cafeteria and playground norms, etc. have all changed since I went to school. I see a difference in the way that my students act and the way my classmates acted many years ago. The rules themselves have changed as has the educational structure.




What questions do you have about this big idea or topic?

  • What are social norms?
  • What do I want to say about social norms?
  • How are social norms formed?
  • What are the purposes of social norms within a society?
  • What happens when social norms are broken?
  • What happens when the amount of conflicting social norms rises?
  • How have current social norms evolved positively from past norms?
  • How have current social norms evolved negatively from past norms?
  • How do these changes affect our daily lives?
  • How do these changes affect society as a whole?
  • How will these changes affect our future society?
  • How do social norms differ from location to location?
  • What social norms are more accepted in our culture?


  As I went through this artmaking process, I became intrigued with the way my students viewed social norms. It was strange to see how these norms effected their behaviors without them even realizing why they did certain things. Being a direct observer to this behavior made me think about how I had been affected by social norms when I was that age. This pushed my interest in the big idea further.