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About Me

My life began on March 26, 1983. I grew up in the small town of Greenfield, Ohio. At a young age, I was given a small camera and quickly developed a love for photography. Due to my love of taking pictures, I enrolled in art course at my high school and began to see the many possibilities the art world had to offer. Through my high school’s art society, I was able to travel to many different cities and see some of the world’s greatest masterpieces in person. As a post-secondary student, I enrolled in a college photography class, and there realized I favored the end product more than the process. I loved the arts, but did not see them as a career path.

  I graduated from Edward Lee McClain High School in the spring of 2001. In the fall, I enrolled in the pre-medicine program at Ohio University. By winter, I had lost interest in the world of science and enrolled in an introduction to fine arts class. I enjoyed the class so much that I transferred to the School of Fine Art and began taking the core studio courses. During my second year, I was required to declare a major to stay in the School of Fine Art. Not sure if I had what it took to become a photography major, I consulted my academic advisor. After one look at my ACT scores and transcript, she suggested I go into art education. I had never wanted to become a teacher, but didnít know what else to do.
In the fall of 2004, I began my student teaching experience at Chillicothe High School and Mount Logan Elementary in Chillicothe, Ohio. I graduated from Ohio University in November 2004 with my BFA in art education. Graduating mid-year created difficulties in finding a full-time teaching position, so I decided to substitute teach in the Greenfield Exempted Village School system for the remainder of the year.  
  In August 2005, I was hired by the Western Local School District as their elementary art educator. Western had been without an elementary art teacher, so I was able to design and institute a brand new art curriculum. My grandmother wanted to find an artist to paint a community mural for the local historical society. Not knowing how to go about such a large project, but wanting to help in any way I could, I enrolled in the mural painting program at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in July 2006.
  I am currently pursuing my masters at Ohio State University and am entering my third year of teaching at Western Elementary.

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